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Berlin 2024 | EAPC Conference

Meet the most professional specialists within the area of political communication, election campaigning and the Political PR industry.


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Parliamentary Tour @ SPD Bundestag Fraction

Insight Campaigning @ CDU Headquarters

Backstage Talks @ Green Party Headquarters

Conference Venue Rheinhardtstraßenhöfe @ FDP Headquarters

This year's conference topic:
How is AI changing the world of political communication and election campaigns?

Wednesday, May 15.

Board Meeting

13:30 – 15:00


EAPC general assembly in the Conference hall of the Green party

15:30 – 17:00


Meeting with the federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier (tbc.)

17:30 – 18:30


Onward journey to the “Hall of tears“ - boarding point for those arriving later

18:30 – 19:30


Onward journey to the EAPC cocktail reception at the ``Conference Center Reinhardstrassenhöfe``



Thursday, May 16.

Conference at the federal headquarters of the FDP

08:00 – 13:00


Lunch break and departure to the CDU headquarters

13:00 – 14:30


Guided tour of the Konrad Adenauer House - the CDU headquarters - and subsequent discussion

14:30 – 16:30


Social program for networking at Berlin's toplocations

16:30 – 18:30


Dinner for networking at the “Ständige Vertretung“ - a pub, in memory of the embassy of the GDR


Friday, May 17.

Guided tour of the parliament with representatives of the Social Democrats (SPD)

09:30 – 11:30


Lunch in the foyer of the conference center, with subject presentations, panel discussions and workshops

11:30 – 17:00


Guided walk with tour guides to the Bundestag, visit to the dome - the highest point of the building

18:30 – 19:30


Cocktail reception and Gala dinner in the Käfer - a restaurant in the rooftop garden of the Bundestag


Excerpt of confirmed speakers


Dr. Reza Kazemi, a rising star within the industry, active in hundreds of campaigns across Europe.

Torbjörn Sjöström is CEO of Novus Group International.


Sabin Dima is co-founder and CEO of and an expert in the field of AI.

Dr. Gülfem Saydan Sanver is the founder of Element Strategy Management and Consulting Ltd.

Justine Cassar Gaspar is the owner and director of Life Learning Academia Malta.


Igor Mintusov advised presidential candidates in various countries (among others: Boris Jelzin).


Mehmet Ural has worked as a consultant and campaign manager for social democratic candidates.


Volker Riegger advised famous German politicians (among others: Helmut Schmidt and Willy Brandt).


Necati Ozkan won the Mayoral elections in Istanbul for Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu.


Sepp Hartinger founded the EAPC in 1996. Among other roles, he was the advisor to Bruno Kreisky.

Brent Buchanan is an international pollster and messaging strategist based in Washington, DC.

Reinis Točelovskis has led high-level political and commercial campaigns in more than 15 countries.


How is AI changing the world of political communication and election campaigns?


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